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Fertilizante de silício líquido de algas marinhas

Informação do produto:

Rice requests large amount of Si in its growing period,especially the seedling stage and panicle primordium differentiation stage.

Hibong seaweed Silicon Fertilizer is mainly designed and researched for promoting the growth of rice. It contains abundant alginic acid,

SiO2 and amino acid which are active natural growing RGR for rice. In addition,abundant NPK in Hibong Seaweed silicon fertilizer also can 

meet the demand for nutrients of rice in different growing stage. This is not only a functional organic fertilizer, but also a universal fertilizer 

which can be chosen to be used in every growing stage of crops.

Propriedades físicas e químicas: 

Its appearance is green liquid. Its taste is seaweed taste. PH: 6.0-8.0.

Densidade: 1.2KG/L


(1)Pode melhorar a taxa de floração, taxa de frutificação. Também pode promover a expansão dos frutos e tornar a cor dos frutos mais bonita.

(2) Pode prolongar a vida útil das plantas.

(3) Pode aumentar o rendimento em 15-30%.

(4) Pode melhorar o solo, proteger o equilíbrio de nutrientes das plantas e promover o crescimento saudável das plantas.

Método de aplicação:

(1)In the first growing stage of rice spraying for one time. It will promote seedling strongly, prevent plant disease, effectively stop 

the heavy metal to be precipitated in plants’ bodies and effectively prevent bacterias to hurt plants.

(2)In the following growing stage of rice, spraying once for every growing period which need nutrients supplement. Use

 100ml/Mu(1.5L/HA). Dullution percentage: Dilute the product with 150-300 times Water.


1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L ,1000L Barrel Package.


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