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Sulfato de manganês

Descrição do Produto:

This product is Manganese Sulphate, it has agricultural grade, food grade, feed grade. The appearance is in light pink

 powder/granular. It is 100% Water Soluble. Manganese Sulphate is one of important trace element fertilizers in agriculture.

It can be used as base fertilizer, top-dressing, seed soaking, seed dressing, foliar spray. Applying an appropriate amount of 

manganese sulfate solution can promote crop growth and increase yield.

It can prevent plants from insect pests and withering of branches and leaves, and is also a catalyst for plants to synthesize 


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 Característica do produto:

- Produces few hydrogen sulfides which causes rot, and helps roots grow 


- Accelerates photosynthesis and improves grain filling. 

- Reduces crop lodging and stabilizes growth. 

- Improve the taste of fruit and vegetable


Vantagens do produto:

(1) Enhance Plant photosynthesis. It can generate the nutrients needed by crops and improve the fertility of the soil;

(2) Enhance the nitrogen fixation capacity of crops

(3) Conducive to the growth and development of crops.It has the effect of promoting seed germination and early growth 

of seedlings, promoting flowering and increasing the number of flowers.

(4) Manganese can reduce crop diseases and enhance the disease resistance of crops.

(5) Increase the yield.


It can be used in all growing period of almost all the economic plants such as fruit, leaf vegetables, cottons, tobacco, 

beans, flowers, vegetables, etc. But it is more appropriate to use in seedling stage and flowering stage.


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