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Boro 21% Octaborato disódico tetrahidrato

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Boro 21% Octaborato disódico tetrahidrato

Descripción del producto:

This product has the advantages of high efficiency, instant solution, good water solubility, less consumption, easy absorption and utilization of plants, less soil residue. Protect flowers and fruits, prevent sand skin, improve fruit setting rate, promote full fruit particles, lodging resistance, insect and disease resistance, improve crop yield and quality. This product can also be mixed with neutral, alkaline, slightly acidic pesticides and foliar fertilizer to reduce the cost of use, so as to really achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.

Propiedades físicas y químicas:

The appearance is white powder, quickly dissolved in water. Water soluble: 100%

Ingredientes principales:

sodium borate ≥99%, pure boron ≥21%


(1) Promote flower bud germination, flowering and fruiting plants have a certain effect. It's good for seed formation.

(2) Enhance photosynthesis.

(3) Promote the healthy growth of plants.

(4) Promote root system and rapid heel development

(5) Protect legumes from nodule formation.

Alcance de aplicación: 

fruit trees, leafy vegetables, cotton, tobacco, beans, flowers, vegetable crops and other cash crops can be used in each growth period, but it is more suitable for seedling and flowering.


(1) Seedling bed cultivation: add 1000-1200 times water dilution, pour water solution on the seedling bed. Application frequency: Once every 5-10 days at the beginning of plant growth and once every 5-7 days at the normal flowering and fruiting stage.

(2) foliar spraying: dilute the water solution 800-1000 times and spray evenly.

(3) Drip irrigation and root irrigation: 800-1000 times water solution, applied with water.


The amount per mu, water concentration and fertilization times should be increased or decreased according to the season and crop growth situation.

Especificación de empaque: 

woven bag packing within 25KG.


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