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Descripción del producto:

1.Copper is involved in oxidation-reduction reactions in vivo, and many oxidase (including SOD) components or some enzyme activators; 

2.To form copper protein and participate in photosynthesis;

3. Participate in nitrogen metabolism and affect nitrogen fixation;

4.To promote the development of floral organs Symptoms of copper deficiency in the process of crop growth and development : growth emaciated, chlorosis of new leaves, tip whitish curl , margin sallowness, appearance necrotic spot. At the top of the gramineae is whitish and withered, and the reproductive organs is blocked.

Propiedades físicas y químicas:

 It is blue powder. The water solubility is 100%.

Content: Cu≥13%

Benefits: Solve Symptoms Cu deficiencies in plant during growth and development process

Uso sugerido:

(1) Fertirrigación

The amount of 300-500 grams,add water 1000kg of drip irrigation of crop root.

(2) Foliar spraying

Crops are dilution concentration ration 2000times,1000 times diluted concentration late foliar,each unit dosage according to the leaf area of crops is determined,generally 30-50 grams.

(3) Combination of NPK

In the NPK hybrid production,add 0.5% of the products,in accordance with the requirements of indexes add liquid products

(4) Mix with other fertilizers

Can be mixed use,30-50 grams per dosage ;and pesticide mixture were added, the optimum concentration was 2000-3000 times(15kg of water to add 5-7 grams)


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