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Hipoclorito de calcio

Descripción del producto:

Calcium hypochlorite is a kind of inorganic compound, which is often used in chemical bleaching process. It plays an important role in industrial production because of its rapid effect and outstanding bleaching effect. It is mainly used for pulp bleaching in paper industry and cotton, hemp and silk fiber bleaching in textile industry. Also used in urban and rural drinking water,swimming pool water sterilization. The chemical industry is used for the purification of acetylene and the manufacture of chloroform and other organic chemical materials. Can be used as wool shrinkage agent, deodorant and so on.

Propiedades físicas y químicas:

Appearance is white powde/granular/tablet, quickly soluble in water. Water solubility: 100%.


Calcium Hypochlorite system products can be widely used as bleaching agent in paper pulp,wood pulp, cotton, hemp, silk ,cloth ,textile and chemical fibers, as bactericide in drinking water,as bactericide and algaecide in swimming pool water, as cleaning agent of fruits and vegetables,as bactericide in epidemic area, as bactericide in fishing ponds, as bactericide &stinking odor removing agent in livestock places, used in disinfection of hotel, hospital ,bath room, used in the anti-shrinkage treatment of wool, used as chlorating agent of rubbers ,and also can be used as water treatment agent in wasted water containing pressing from gold mine and chemical industry production.

Método de aplicación:

(1)Drinking Water Disinfect: 6-10g: 1000liters, use the desolved liquid after 30 minutes.

(2) Secretions such as sputum: 1-4g:1 liter,  mix with with equivalent sputum, and keep it for 1-2 hours. 

(3) Table Ware: 1-2g: 1liter, keep the table ware in the disolved liquid for about 30 minutes.

(4) Domestic Sewage: 1g: 10-15liters, keep the disinfect in one hour before discharge.


25kg PP bag/ 50kg plastic drum

Almacenamiento y transporte: 

(1) Keep in a tightly closed container. Protect from physical damage. Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area away from sources of heat, moisture and incompatibilities. Containers of this material may be hazardous when empty since they retain product residues (dust, solids); observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.

(2)This product is corrosive to eyes, skin and other burn danger, do not contact with human body.  In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water in time, and send to hospital for treatment in serious cases.  

(3) El operador debe usar suministros de protección laboral. 


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