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Description du produit:

Hemipletin, also known as n-acetylthioproline,it is an α-amino acid and a cyclic amino acid, one of the 20 DNA codes. It is not an essential amino acid, the body can synthesize it on its own. Of the 20 protein-forming amino acids, it is most distinctive in that the amine nitrogen is bound to not one but two alkyl groups, thus giving it a secondary amine.

Proprietes physiques et chimiques: 

White crystalline powder or colorless, soluble in water.

Contenu de l'ingrédient:



N-acetylthioproline is mainly used in agriculture, pesticide intermediate, is a kind of plant growth regulator, regulate the osmotic pressure of plant cells, maintain the balance of water and nutrients transport, promote seed germination and plant cell division and growth, maintain chlorophyll not loss, adjust the fruit setting rate and fruit yield, combined with folic acid, as a biological stimulant for foliar spraying.

(1) Promote seed germination and plant cell division and growth;

(2) Keep chlorophyll not lost, improve fruit setting rate and fruit yield;

(3) Foliar spraying combined with folic acid as a biological stimulant


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