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Polychlorure d'aluminium

Description du produit:

Polyaluminum Chloride is part of inorganic chemical substance that widely used in purification on drinking water,urban water supply and industrial waste water etc.It’s other name is Polyaluminum chlorohydrate or Polyaluminum hydroxychloride that usually is abbreviated to PAC.It is also a group of aluminum salt.Product specification meet the GB15892-2009

Proprietes physiques et chimiques: 

Its appearance is white powder.Strong absorbability,fast and large flocculation formation,low turbidity,and super water removal;spray drying products are less than other products,which not only reduces the labor intensity,but also reduces the cost of addition,put it too much will not cause pollution,can avoid accidents,ensure the safety of drinking water quality.

Efficacité et méthode d'application :

(1) Before use, a small test should be conducted according to the water quality to select the best point with good water purification effect and small quantity. The solution should be used along with the non-potable water should be selected according to the actual situation.

(2) The use of solid, first add water to dissolve with 10-25% solution, and then dilute the water to the required concentration, in the dissolution of the first water slowly feed, and constantly stirring. 

(3) Water treatment chemicals from different manufacturers or brands should not be mixed and should not be mixed with other chemicals. 

(4) The host solution and diluent are slightly corrosive, but lower than other inorganic flocculants. 

(5) The effective storage life of the product is half a year for the liquid and two years for the solid. Solid products can still be used after moisture. 

(6) After reasonable adding, the water quality after purification meets the sanitary standards of drinking water.


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