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Shellight Group, Future serait bien plus réussi et plus beau !

Heure: 2023-10-06 Visites: 1

Life is like a multiple-choice question. When her peers are entering hot industries such as clothing and cosmetics fast-moving consumer goods, Emily, the general manager, also makes her own choice and sticks to the chemical industry she is familiar with. She hopes to make the traditional chemical industry keep up with the pace of reality and realize transformation through the help of cross-border e-commerce and social media.

In Emily's opinion, every person in the team is like a second hand. It seems insignificant, but it is very important, because only when the second hand is running, can the minute hand and the hour hand turn. This is one of her policies for managing the enterprise. In the work, Emily put the second hand actions into practice. She paid attention to every small question raised by employees, classified the team's daily work in detail, and made full use of the time axis to assess employees through the second hand actions.

At the same time, like all managers, Emily reviews and organizes her work every day, every week, and every month. She likes to control the overall situation through data integration. Of course, she is always looking for new integration tools that can reduce costs and improve performance compared to traditional Excel spreadsheets. The so-called "little things see the spirit", it is this kind of behavior in little things spare no effort, for their own and enterprise development to win a lot of good reputation.


"Time is a constant and a variable, and in order to minimize the variables, we have to take each day as it comes. I believe that as long as we do our best every day, we can cope with the same changes." As a woman in a new era, Emily, the general manager, keeps pace with The Times and brings the traditional chemical industry online, which opens the road of global advancement of Shellight Group chemical products. In the face of the interview, she still understated that her success was not the result of one person, but the efforts of all aspects.

Under her leadership, Shellight Fertilizer only four years after its establishment, the annual sales have exceeded 10 million dollars, growth is amazing. As for the future planning, Emily, the general manager, hopes to open the partnership mechanism and drive more team employees to become rich with her own strength. At the same time, she will develop products to build her own brand and strive for annual sales of over 100 million. We believe that this enterprise will surely ride the wind and waves under the leadership of Emily.The future must be much more brighter and successful .


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