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Паклобутразол 25% суспензионный концентрат

Описание продукта:

The 25% suspension concentrate is a triazole plant growth regulator and an inhibitor of endogenous gibberellin synthesis. It has strong physiological activity and is easily absorbed by plant roots, stems and leaves. It interferes and hinders the biological activity of gibberellin in crops. Synthesis, reducing the level of gibberellin in crops to slow down plant growth, inhibit stem elongation, shorten internodes, make plant compact, improve population structure, and resist lodging and disease. It has the effects of promoting plant tillering, increasing plant stress resistance, and increasing yield. It can increase the activity of rice indole acetic acid oxidase, reduce the level of endogenous IAA in rice seedlings, and promote tillering. Paclobutrazol can make the cells of rice seedling roots, leaf sheaths, and leaves smaller, and the number of cell layers in each organ increases. 

Эксплуатационные характеристики продукта:

This product is an azole plant growth regulator and an inhibitor of gibberellin synthesis, which can reduce the separation and elongation of plant cells. It can increase the content of chlorophyll, protein and nucleic acid, reduce the content of gibberellin substances and indole acetic acid in plants, increase the release of ethylene; delay the longitudinal elongation of plants, enhance the lateral growth, increase the number of branches and tillers, and increase the number of stems. Thickened, dwarf and compact plants.

Category of Use :

Регулятор роста растений

Название бренда : 

Dawn 25 SC


Суспензия концентрат

Способ действия: 

Plant Growth Regulator taken up into the xylem through the leaves, stems, or roots, and translocated to growing sub-apical meristems.

Directions For Use :

Crops :

Mango, durian, pot-grown ornamentals, flower crops, rice, turf, grass seed crops


Used on fruit trees to inhibit vegetative growth and to enhances flowering and improve fruit set; increase tillering, reduce lodging, and increase yield


4 mL per linear canopy diameter (mango flowering)

0.5 mL/L of water (growth inhibition other crops).

Меры предосторожности:

(1)Young trees (less than 3 years old) and old trees cannot be applied;

(2)After applying this product, pay attention to thinning flowers and fruits, and strengthen fertilizer and water management;

(3)Paclobutrazol remains in the soil for a long time, and the field must be plowed after harvest to prevent it from inhibiting the subsequent crops.

(4)Apply less to gravel soil with shallow plowing layer, and increase the amount appropriately if the plowing layer is deep.

(5)Do not arbitrarily increase the use concentration, spray evenly, do not re-spray, and do not miss spray.

(6) Under the recommended dose, the use of paclobutrazol is not easy to cause phytotoxicity. If the dosage is too high and the seedlings are over-inhibited, nitrogen or gibberellic acid can be added to rescue.

(7)Wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product, and do not eat or drink during application. Wash hands and face in time after application.

(8) It is forbidden to wash pesticide application equipment in rivers and other waters.

(9)Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited from contacting.

Первая помощь при отравлении: 

First aid measures: If you feel unwell during or after use, you should stop working immediately, take first aid measures, and take the label to the hospital for treatment.

(1)Skin contact: Take off the contaminated clothing, remove the contaminated pesticide with a soft cloth, and rinse immediately with plenty of water and soap.

(2) Splash into eyes: Rinse immediately with running water for no less than 15 minutes.

(3) Inhalation: Immediately leave the application site and move to a place with fresh air.

(4)Ingestion: Stop taking it immediately, rinse your mouth with clean water, and immediately bring the pesticide label to the hospital for treatment.

Хранение и транспортировка:

(1)Store in a cool and dry place, away from moisture and sun;

(2)Strictly prevent the packaging from being damaged, and do not mix it with food, feed, seeds, etc.;

(3)Keep away from children, avoid children's contact, and keep it locked.

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