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Дихлоризоцианурат натрия (SDIC)

Описание продукта:

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) is a disinfectant which has the advantages of spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, safety, safe use, stable storage and convenient transportation.  It is mainly used for disinfection, sterilization, bleaching, descaling, deodorization, deodorization, wool shrinkproof, rubber oxidant, leather surfactant, etc.  It is especially suitable for public swimming pool and family swimming pool.

Физические и химические свойства:

Appearance is white granular/powder/tablet, quickly soluble in water. Water solubility: 100%.


The products are used for disinfection of swimming pool water, drinking water disinfection, preventive disinfection and environmental disinfection of various public places, sericulture disinfection, livestock, poultry, fish feeding disinfection.  It can also be used for anti-shrinkage finishing of wool, bleaching of textile industry and disinfection of industrial circulating water.  This product is efficient, stable performance, no adverse effects on human body. 

Способ применения:

(1) Public places: on the surface of articles, dilute 2000-2400 times liquid with water (250-300mg/L effective chlorine), spray or rub test, action time 10-20 minutes.

(2)White fabric: dilute 1500-2000 times liquid with water (effective chlorine 300-400mg/L), action time 10 minutes, soak.

(3) Non-metallic tableware, drinking set and tea set: dilute 750 times liquid with water (effective chlorine 800mg/L), action time 10 minutes, spray.

(4) Pollutants in infectious disease areas and post-disaster areas: dilute 120-300 times with water (2000-5000mg/L of available chlorine) and spray for 30 minutes.

(5) Feces and other excreta: dilute 10-15 times with water (effective chlorine 40,000-60000mg /L), mix, action time 1-2 hours.


25kg or 50kg PP bag, 25 or 50kg drums.(it can can also be customized according to user requirements).

Хранение и транспортировка: 

(1)This product shall not be mixed with ammonium salt and amine-containing organic matter for storage and transportation.  

(2) This product is a strong oxidant, contact with combustible substances may cause fire, away from the heat source of fire.  

(3) This product is basically no corrosion of stainless steel, mild corrosion of copper, moderate corrosion of aluminum, severe corrosion of carbon steel.  

(4) This product has bleaching effect on clothes, wool linen, silk goods are forbidden.  

(5)This product is for external use disinfectant, can not be taken orally, put in children not easy to reach.  

(6) This product is corrosive, has a pungent smell, to eyes, skin and other burn danger, do not contact with human body.  In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water in time, and send to hospital for treatment in serious cases.  

(7) Оператор должен носить средства защиты труда. 

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