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Минеральный источник гумат калия

Информация о продукте:

The raw material of this product is brown coal. It is easily soluble in water. The 

product has the features of anti hard water, deflocculation, no precipitation, etc. 

It has a feature of wonderful water solubility in a wide span of PH value 

including the slightly acid conditions, the low molecular weight carrying the 

carboxyl functional group of higher activity strengthen the chelation of products 

which makes an easier absorption of mineral nutrients by plants. 

Физические и химические свойства: 

Its appearance is black flake. It is instantly dissolved in water. Water Solubility: 

100%. PH: 9.0-11.0. Volume Density: 0.48g/cm3 

Основной ингредиент: 

Humic Acid≥70%, Fulvic Acid≥15%, K2O≥10%, PH: 9-11 

Характеристика продукта: 

(1) It has high content humic acid which is easy for absorption and has long

fertilizer efficiency. This greatly deduces its application amount and lower 

the agricultural production cost. 

(2) Обладает высокой активностью. 

(3) It is easily soluble in water and has the feature of anti hard water. Produced 

by special production technologies, it has excellent water solubility and is 

suitable for foliar spray, water flushing irrigation, drip irrigation, etc. 

(4) Это натуральная растительная вакцина, которая может улучшить иммунитет растений.


Сумка 500 г/1 кг/5 кг/10 кг/20 кг/25 кг и так далее

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