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Pupuk Cair Asam Amino

Informasi Produk:

Amino acid liquid fertilizer can be applied on the crops as foliar fertilizer. It is a kind of soluble liquid with high concentration 

of free amino acid which is from vegetable origin. It can be easily assimilated by the plant. Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer is recommended 

for critical growing period of plants: sprouting, flowering, fruiting and other period when plants demand more power.

Sifat Fisika dan Kimia:

Penampilannya adalah cairan berwarna coklat. PH: 6.0-8.0. Kepadatan: 1.2KG/L

Product Main Advantage:

1. This product is safe for plants’ seedling and roots. It has no

negative stimulation to plants’ seedling and roots and its safety

degree is high. In addition, this fertilizer has no harm to plants

and soil, it can be used any time for water flushing. It is suitable

for plants’ all growing period.

2. This fertilizer is suitable for green and organic agriculture. It is

extract from natural plants. When it is used for plants, it can be

easily degraded and has no residuals. It is safe and eco-friendly.


(1)It can improve nutrient utilization and improve the crop quality.

(2) It can be well and quickly absorbed by plants, promote crop precocity and shorten the growth cycle.

(3) It can enhance metabolic function and stress tolerance.

(4) It can improve the growth of roots environment and suppress the occurrence of soil-borne diseases. It has obvious 

effects in promoting continuous cropping.

(5) It can make soil soft, reduce soil compaction, improve soil quality and improve soil water retention capacity.

(6) It can help increase the yield and improve the plants’ quanlity

Applicable Plants:

Fruit trees, tea trees, vegetables, flowers, lawns, rice (in nursery

stage), leaf vegetables, etc.


100ml/250ml/500ml/1L/5l/20L/200L/1000L Barel dan sebagainya

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