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EDTA Ca is a fertilizer in which the nutrient calcium (Ca) is bound to an EDTA chelate. Thanks to this chelate, the calcium remains available to the plant. The nutrient functions as the most important building block for the plant's cell walls and cell membranes.

Both a shortage as a surplus of calcium, can negatively affect the plant.

Sifat fisik dan kimia: bubuk putih, larut dalam air.

Content: Ca ≧13%


EDTA Ca can be used to prevent a calcium deficiency. It is of high importance to always add the right dosage to the crop in order to prevent a deficiency as well as a shortage of this nutrient. It is used as foliar and soil improver and also used for greenhouse crops.  Librel Ca is applied to crops at the first signs of deficiency.

The calcium chelate remains stable and thus available to the plant, in a pH range from 5-9.


EDTA Ca should be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area. Only to be used in case of obvious need. Do not exceed the dosage recommended.

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