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Deskripsi Produk:

Polyacrylamide is simply called PAM, a water- soluble high polymer and widely used in petroleum, paper-making, metallurgical, textile, chemical and environment protection fields. There are three categories of anionic, cationic and non-ionic type.

Sifat Fisika dan Kimia: 

Penampilannya berupa bubuk putih. 

Properti :

(1) Easy to dissolve, dissolve time about 40min.

(2) It is with high performance and it can adapt to a variety of conditions.

(3) The dose is small and high efficiency.

(4) High molecular, Low Charge.

(5) High purity, without impurity.


Polyacrylamide PAM has the water solubility of polymer substances and the open acyl group on its carbon chain. It is widely used in printing and dyeing, paper industry, mineral processing plant, coal preparation, oil field, metallurgical industry, decorative building materials, wastewater treatment and other fields. Polyacrylamide is used as lubricating fluid, granule, clay stabilizer, degreaser, fluid loss reducer and viscosifier in drilling, alkalization, fracturing, water plugging, cementing, secondary oil field and tertiary oil recovery It has been widely used and is an extremely important oil and gas field chemical product.

(1) For sludge treatment, the corresponding PAM model and specification can be used according to the characteristics of the sludge, and the sludge treatment can be carried out reasonably before the sludge enters the filter press. When the sludge is de-dried, it will form large flocculant and not stick to the filter press. Cloth, the filter press does not disperse for a long time, the mud cake is thicker, the dehydration rate is low, and the water content of the filter cake is below 80%. 

(2) Used for the treatment of domestic sewage, chemical wastewater, and organic chemical wastewater, such as printing and dyeing, papermaking, ethanol, electroplating, pharmaceutical factories, wineries, ironworks, tobacco factories, pharmaceutical companies, food processing factory these.

(3) For the paper industry, one is to improve the retention rate of fillers and colorants. To reduce the outflow of raw materials and environmental pollution to the natural environment; the second is to increase the compressive strength of printing paper (including dry compressive strength and wet compressive strength), in addition, the application of polyacrylamide PAM can also improve the tear resistance of paper And porous structure to change the visual effect and packaging printing performance, also used in food and tea packaging bags. 

(4) It is widely used in petrochemical industry, oil field, drilling fluid, waste sludge treatment, avoiding water channeling, reducing frictional resistance, improving recovery rate, and tertiary oil recovery.

(5) Used as a textile desizing agent, the slurry has stable performance, less slumping, low yarn breakage rate, and smooth nylon fabric. 

(6) It is used in daily chemical factories. It is often combined with lauryl alcohol methacrylate-7 and C13-14 iso-chain ethane to form a moisturizing emulsion thickener, emulsion and thickener in moisturizing masks.

(7) In other industries, it is used for the recovery and utilization of concentrated feed protein, with stable quality and good performance. The recycled protein powder has no negative impact on the survival rate of chickens, weight gain, and egg laying. Anti-corrosion coatings and architectural coatings, civil engineering grouting raw materials for water blocking, building materials industry, improving the quality of concrete, construction industry adhesives, caulking and sealing agents, land improvement, electroplating industrial production, industrial production of printing and dyeing factories, etc.


Tas 25kg


(1) It must be fully dissolved before it can be used. Otherwise, it will affect the use effect. 

(2) Please use plastic, ceramic & stainless steel ect vessel, please don't use iron vessel, it will make PAM degradation & invalidation.

(3) Please prepare PAM aqueous solution when you use, the PAM aqueous solution will invalidation when you don't use for a long time.

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