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L - tirosin

Deskripsi Produk:

Tyrosine (L - tyrosine), it is an essential amino acids, which is a kind of important nutrition for human and animal metabolism, growth and development plays an important role, could be widely used in food, feed, and chemical industry, etc.

Sifat Fisika dan Kimia: 

Its appearance is white crystalline powder. odorless, bitter taste, mp334 ℃ (decomposition) is insoluble in water (0.04%, 25 ℃), insoluble in ethanol, ether and acetone, soluble in dilute acid or base . The isoelectric point of 5.66.

Kandungan bahan:


Khasiat dan Metode Aplikasi:

(1) L Tyrosine is an important biological reagent. 

(2) L Tyrosine can be used in biochemical study, life sciences, agricultural research, beverage additive and feed stuff, etc. 

(3) Tyrosine protects the skin from harmful UV light rays.

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