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Pupuk Boron Cair Organik Rumput Laut

Informasi Produk:

The raw materials of this product is seaweed. After processed by Physical crushing, high temperature extraction and other 

nutrient compounding, the seaweed is finally made to liquid seaweed fertilizer. The liquid seaweed fertilizer has all kinds of 

nutritional ingredient and active ingredient of seaweed including alginate, mannitol, Iodine, amino acid, alginate polysaccharide,  

carbohydrate, vitamin, CTK, mineral materials, micronutrient, etc. This product has following great function: increasing yield, 

disease resistance, stress resistance, etc.In this formula, the NPK and other nutrients are very abundant, plus the micronutrients 

Ca and Boron are the most necessary elements in strawberry growth, and they can also promote the absorbtion of NPK.


1.It can improve flowering rate, fruiting rate. Lt can also promote fruit expanding and make fruit colour more beautiful.

2.It can prolong life-span of can increase yield by 15-30%. can meliorate soil, protect plant nutrient balance and promote the healthy growth of plants.

Metode aplikasi:

1.Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:1500.

2. Irigasi akar: Diencerkan 1000-1500 kali. Tahap semai dan daun belum menghasilkan: 15-30L/Ha;

3. Tahap berbunga dan buah belum menghasilkan: 30-45L/Ha; Tahap perkembangan buah dan pematangan buah: 15-45L/Ha.


Paket Barel 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L.

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