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CEO Shellight memberikan pidato pada KTT Lintas Batas di Kota Qingdao

Waktu: 2023-10-06 Hits: 1

On June 16, 2022, the High-quality Growth Summit and Shandong Cross-border E-commerce Ecological Conference has been hold in Qingdao. Shellight General Manager Emily Zheng has made a wonderful speech.

Emily describes how Shellight has grown into a TOP 10 supplier in the industry by leading her team through standardized operations and has become the most active CRM vendor of digital marketing in Qingdao.

In terms of customer management, Shellight uses a set of automated marketing management system, which can make all customer information and orders visible and traceable, and enhance the management level of the company for customers and employees.

In just six years, Shellight's annual sales on Alibaba's international trade have exceeded $10 million. Now Shellight's goal is to reach the 100 million mark, which is expected to be achieved this year.



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