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3-IndoleButyric acid

Product Information:

3-IndoleButyric acid is a white crystalline powder, soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, ether and ethanol, and is insoluble in water. It is mainly used for rooting of cuttings, which can induce the formation of root protoplasts, promote cell differentiation and division, and promote the formation of adventitious roots.


Its appearance is a white crystalline powder.Content:98%TC.


(1) To stimulate rooting of herbaceous and woody ornamentals;

(2) To make some transplanted crops root early and root more;

(3) To promote root elongation growth and root lignification of flowers ( for example: jasmine, begonia, camellia, etc)

(4) To promote fruit set of vegetables and fruits by soaking the branches ( for example: tomato, cucumber, fig, strawberry, raspberry, etc);

It would get better effect when used together with other rooting reagent.

Application Method:

Vegetables: The solution is 10-30mg/L. Spary on flowers or fruits.

Corps: The solution is 10-60mg/L. Sprinkle on the soil around plants.

Fruit cuttings: The solution is 5-15mg/L. Soak the branches for 24 hours.


1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 1000kg Bag Package.

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