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Seaweed Extract Flake

Product Information:

The raw materials of this product is seaweed. After processed by Physical crushing, biochemical extraction, absorption concentration, film dring, etc, 

the seaweed is finally made to flake or powder. The seaweed extract has special quality, quick dissolution rate, high activity and good absorptivity. 

It has many functions including growth promoting, production increase, disease prevention, insect expelling, etc. Seaweed extract can be used for root irrigation,

 water flushing irrigation, foliar spray, etc. It can also be used as raw materials for biological fertilizer, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, etc.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is black or brown flake. It can be dissolved in water speedly. Water

Solubility: 99.99%; PH: 8.0-9.0; Flake Size: 1-2mm

Main Ingredient:

Alginate: 18%, Organic Matter: 45-55%, N: 1.5%, P2O5: 3.5%, K2O: 18%, Humic Acid:

15%, Amino Acid: 1%, Betaine: 40ppm, Boron: 100ppm, Fe: 0.6%, Iodine: 400ppm, CTK:6ppm, Gibberellin: 1ppm, Zinc: 6ppm


(1)It can provide abundant nutritional ingredient to crop growth.

(2)It can promote root and sprout growth. It is good for fruit expanding and will make the colour of fruit more beautiful.

(3)It can prevent plants from cold and frost, improving the stress resistance of plants.

(4)It is the natural plant vaccine and it can improve plant immunity.

Application Method:

(1)Dilute it with 3000-4000 times water, using for water flushing irrigation, drip irrigation and foliar spray.

(2)Use it together with compound fertilizer in the percentage 1:100.

(3)Strengthen the effect of pesticide and foliar fertilizer: Add it together to pesticide and foliar fertilizer liquid in the percentage: 1:5000.


20/25KG Carton Package, 20/25KG Kraft Bag or PP Bag Package, 25KG Paper Barrel

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