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Product Description:

L-Cystine is a sulfur containing amino acids. There is a small amount of protein present in the keratin, more with the hair, 

claws or the like. Hexagonal tabular crystal or white crystalline powder. Odourless and tasteless. 

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is white powder. 

Efficacy :

Generally, it is mainly used in medicine, cosmetics, biochemical research and other aspects.  Used in bread material, to promote 

the formation of grain and promote fermentation, mold, prevent aging, etc.;  Used in natural fruit juice to prevent vitamin C oxidation 

and;  The juice turns brown.  This product has detoxification effect, can be used for acrylonitrile poisoning, aromatic acidosis;  It also has 

the function of preventing radiation damage to the human body. It is also a drug for treating bronchitis, especially as a phlegm drug.  It can 

also be used in beauty water, perm fluid, skin care cream against the sun, etc. 

Main uses : 

biochemical research, preparation of culture medium, food condiment, main component of amino acid transfusion, feed nutritional supplement, 

cosmetic additive

Application method:

1.  In cosmetics: used for the production of perm essence, sunscreen, perfume, hair essence, such as cysteine instead of thiacetic acid senior 

perm essence, cold perm essence, with easy perm, hair easy to maintain, soft and not messy advantages, but also can make sunscreen and hair perfume;  

2.  In medicine: cysteine is mainly used in liver drugs, antidotes, expectorants and other medical drugs.  Cysteine and its derivatives can be 

used for liver poisoning detoxification, antipyretic analgesia, ulcer treatment, fatigue recovery, infusion and comprehensive amino acid preparations, 

especially for expectorant;  Treatment of bronchitis and phlegm.

3.  On the food side: bread fermentation promoters, preservatives.  Cysteine as fermentation additives, milk powder and fruit juice antioxidant and stabilizer, 

as well as pet animal food nutritional additives;  

4. L-cysteine can be used for N-acetyl-L -, carboxymethyl cysteine and other cysteine series derivatives of raw materials production.  

5.Accelerate the formation of gluten, prevent aging;  Used in natural fruit juices to prevent the oxidation and Browning of VC;  It has a detoxification effect on 

propylene chloride and aromatic acidosis.  Prevent radiation damage. 


Store in a dry, clean, cool place, in an airtight container. Shelf life is two years.

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