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Product Information:

The raw materials of this product is seaweed. After processed by Physical crushing, high temperature extraction and other nutrient compounding, the seaweed is finally made to liquid seaweed

 fertilizer.The liquid seaweed fertilizer has all kinds of nutritional ingredient and active ingredient of seaweed including alginate, mannitol, Iodine, amino acid, alginate polysaccharide, carbohydrate,

 vitamin,CTK, mineral materials,micronutrient, etc. This product has following great function: increasing yield, disease resistance, stress resistance, etc.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Its appearance is green liquid. Its taste is seaweed taste. PH: 6.0-8.0. Density: 1.2KG/L

Main Ingredient:

Alginate≥90g/L, Organic Matter≥130g/L, N≥65g/L, P2O5≥10g/L, K2O≥60g/L, Fe

≥70g/L, Amino Acid≥105g/L,Chitosan≥0.5%.


(1)Improve the photosynthesis and chlorophyll content of Lawn, fruits, Crops and any other plants, make stems and leaves straight, promote the accumulation of organic matter.

(2)Improve the resistance of Lawn, fruits, Crops and any other plants to diseases and pests, reduce the occurrence of various diseases and pests.

(3)Can increase the mechanical strength of the Lawn,fruits, Crops and any other plants stem, make the stem straight, conducive to dense planting.

(4)It can regulate stomatal opening and closing of leaves and inhibit water>transpiration, and enhance crop resistance to drought, hot wind, cold and low temperature.

Application Method:

(1)Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:800-1000.

(2)Root irrigation: Diluted by 300-500. 

Seedling and immature leaf stage: 

15-30L/Ha; Flowering and immature fruit stage: 30-45L/Ha; Fruit expanding and fruit maturing stage: 15-45L/Ha.

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