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Chlorine dioxide

Product Description:

Chlorine dioxide tablet is chlorine dioxide generating tablet. There is no “chlorine dioxide” in the tablet. It generates chlorine dioxide when comes into contact with water or when exposed to moisture in ambient air. It is the most convenient way yet to deliver high purity chlorine dioxide at the point of use. Chlorine dioxide tablet is ideal for small and medium operation.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance is white powder/granular/tablet.


(1) Very rapidly an active chlorine dioxide solution on site.

(2) Safe concept compare to other chlorine dioxide products.

(3) Simple mixing instruction for professional and non-professional end users.

(4) All Chlorine Dioxide Tablets are effervescent tablets in water.

(5) Dissolves quickly in hot and cold water.


(1)Chlorine dioxide has the ability of deodorization and decolorization, high bactericidal and viral killing ability at low concentration.

(2) Chlorine dioxide disinfection of the environment, not only can kill pathogenic microorganisms, but also eliminate odor, fresh air.

(3) Chlorine dioxide can disinfect kitchen utensils, food machinery and equipment, containers, etc. and kill E. coli, golden grape balls, etc.

(4) Chlorine dioxide is used for oral gargling, which can effectively control gingivitis, plaque bacteria and bad breath. It is used for sitting bath or washing, which can prevent a variety of diseases.

(5) chlorine dioxide aquaculture agents can be used to treat fish, shrimp, crab, turtle, frog and other bacterial and viral diseases, remove odor in water, improve water quality, increase water oxygen content.

(6) Chlorine dioxide is used for sterilization and preservation of fruits, vegetables and meat.

(7) It can be used for bleaching cotton yarn, hemp and other natural fibers, paper pulp, and bamboo shoots and other food.


25kg or 50kg PP bag or 50kg drums.(it can can also be customized according to user requirements).

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