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EDDHA Fe Powder

Product Information:

This product is new-type EDDHA. Its effect is much better than most iron-compound such as traditional ferrous oxide, ferrous sulfate, etc. Also, it is easier for absorbing than EDTA Fe. The EDDHA Fe is good for environment protecting.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is red brown powder. Solubility:60g/L (20℃); PH:7.0-9.0 (1% water


Main Ingredient:

Fe content: 6±0.4%


This product is a kind of organic salt, it has extensive usage.

Application Methods:

(1) Spray: Dilute it with 800-1000 times water and spray on the leaves..

(2) Root Irrigation: Use moderate water to dissolve the EDDHA Fe. Dig 6-8 holes which are 15-20CM deep, put the EDDHA Fe solution in the hole and then bury the hole. For mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, apples, pear, peach, kiwi fruit, etc, use 20-50g per tree; For loquat, use 20-30g per tree; For grape, use 10-20g per tree; For strawberries, use 45-70KG per Hectare; For peanut, use 15-30KG per Hectare; For nursery garden, use 45-70KG per Hectare; For flowers, Use 90-130KG per Hectare.


10/20/25KG Paper Barrel; 1KG aluminum foil bag+1KG colorful printed box+20KG Carton

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