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Product Description:

6-benzylaminopurine, a synthetic cytokinin, can be used together with auxin to enhance plant growth and development responses, promote plant flowering or node germination, stimulate cell division to make pulp plump, and reduce the chance of flower drop or fruit shedding. Improve the post-harvest survival cycle of green vegetables, promote plant cell extension and division, strengthen the growth ability of germinated seeds, enhance the immunity of plants to external stresses such as drought, high salt, severe cold, etc., and improve the ability of plants to cope with diseases. 6-Benzylaminopurine is often used as an important component of plant growth media to increase yield.

Physical and chemical properties:

White crystalline powder, hardly soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, stable in acid and alkali.

Ingredient content:


Efficacy :

(1) 6-BA cytokinin promotes cell division;

(2) 6-BA cytokinin promotes the differentiation of undifferentiated tissues;

(3) 6-BA cytokinin promotes cell enlargement and hypertrophy;

(4) 6-BA cytokinin promotes seed germination;

(5) 6-BA cytokinin induces the growth of dormant buds;

(6) 6-BA cytokinin inhibits or promotes the elongation of stems and leaves;

(7) 6-BA cytokinin inhibits or promotes root growth;

(8) 6-BA cytokinin inhibits leaf aging;

(9) 6-BA cytokinin breaks the apical dominance and promotes the growth of lateral buds;

(10) 6-BA cytokinin promotes flower bud formation and flowering;

(11) 6-BA cytokinin induces female traits;

(12) 6-BA cytokinin promotes fruit setting;

(13) 6-BA cytokinin promotes fruit growth;

(14) 6-BA cytokinin induces tuber formation;

(15) The transfer and accumulation of 6-BA cytokinin substances;

(16) 6-BA cytokinin inhibits or promotes respiration;

(17) 6-BA cytokinin promotes evaporation and stomatal opening;

(18) 6-BA cytokinin improves anti-injury ability;

(19) 6-BA cytokinin inhibits the decomposition of chlorophyll;

(20) 6-BA cytokinin promotes or inhibits the activity of enzymes.

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