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Product Description:

DA-6, a hormone-free and harmless plant growth regulator. And it has been widely recognized by the world's most famous agricultural researchers, and it can be regarded as the most scientific and technological achievement in the planting industry. Other plant growth regulators can't compare with it at all, and it has functions and effectiveness that other fertilizers or regulators don't have. It is internationally renowned for its pollution-free, residue-free, safety and environmental protection. Depending on the planted crops, the yield can be increased by more than 30-100%. Not only the yield is significantly increased, but also the nutrients contained in the crops are improved, the taste is increased, and the quality is increased by more than 25%.

Physical and chemical properties:

White or light yellow flake powder crystal, with a light oily smell and greasy feeling, easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, methanol, chloroform and other organic solvents, very stable in room temperature storage, easy to decompose under alkaline conditions.

Ingredient content:


Efficacy :

(1) Promote cell division, have the function of cytokinin, and accelerate plant carbon and nitrogen metabolism.

(2) Chlorophyll can promote the occurrence of photosynthesis. Improve the activity of enzymes in some plants.

(3) Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate can deploy nutrients, increase the activity of some enzymes, and make the respiration in the cells stronger.

(4) Comply with the law of plant growth regulation. Balance the ratio of plant endogenous hormones, so that crops can grow, flower and set better, and achieve the effect of increasing production.

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