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Product name:

EDTA tetrasodium, also known as ethylenediamine tetraacetate tetrasodium salt

Product description:

Physical and chemical properties: EDTA 4Na is white powder. Soluble in water.

Used as hard water softener, polyvalent chelating agent, bleaching fixing solution in color sensitive materials, activator of styrene butadiene rubber.

Content: ≥ 99%

Main use:

It is an important complexing agent and metal masking agent. Can be used in textile industry dyeing water treatment, color sensitization, medicine, daily chemical, paper and other industries, as additives, activator, water purifier, metal ion shielding agent and styrene butadiene rubber industry activator. Dry acrylic fiber industry to offset metal interference, improve the color and brightness of the dyed fabric, can also be used in liquid detergent, improve the quality of washing, enhance the washing effect.


25KG/ bag

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