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Cyanuric acid

Product Description:

Cyanuric acid is used in the synthesis of chlorinated derivatives, salts and lipids; trichloroisocyanuric acid; sodium or potassium dichloroisocyanurate; cyanuric acid is used in the synthesis of cyanuric acid formaldehyde resin; epoxy resin; antioxidant; coating; paint; adhesive; pesticide herbicide; metal cyanide corrosion inhibitor; polymer material modifier; etc.; used in the production of drug halotriazine.

Cyanuric acid is an acid, it has a low level of toxicity. Adding it to your pool will not cause any serious health concerns for swimmers. It can be used in swimming pool as chlorine stabilizer, sterilization, decontamination, and can also be directly used in nylon, SECCO, combustion agent and cosmetic additives, laminated plastics and high temperature glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

White crystalline powder or granular, soluble in hot water,slightly soluble in cold water. Used as disinfectant, bleach, cleanser, or selective herbicide in agriculture, and to make chlorinated isocyanuric acid, paints and coating.

Efficacy and Application method:

Dissolving Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) by Skimmer Sock Method

(1) Measure out the required stabilizer quantity, making it to 30~50mg/L.

(2) Add the chlorine stabilizer to a pool skimmer sock. 

(3) Place the sock in the skimmer box or hang it over the return jet.

(4) Run your pump on “filter” or “circulate” for 48 hrs. Then run it at normal intervals.

Dissolving Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) by Warm Water Method:

(1)Measure the chlorine stabilizer, making it to 30~50mg/L.

(2)Add the cyanuric acid to a half bucket of warm water. Give it a quick mix.

(3) Pour the stabilizer and water mixture directly into the skimmer box.

(4) Run your pump on “filter” or “circulate” for 48 hrs. Then run it at normal intervals.

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