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Amino Acid Chelated Mictronutrient

Product Information:

Amino Acid Chelated Mictronutrient is designed for all plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. It is water soluble and nontoxic to plants, can provide plants with certain nutrients. This product is based on multi kinds of amino acids which has strong surface activity, adsorbing and holding capacity. Also with abundant iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, magnesium and potassium, it has obvious effect for plant growth. This product can ensure the slow-release and adequate utilization of its main elements. In addition, it can keep stability and long-lasting effect of trace elements.  

Physical and Chemical property:

It is Light brown powder and completely water soluble. It has excellent flowing, can dissolve totally and instantly. It is easy to wet. PH:5.0


1.Promote the growth of plants, improve plants’ immunity to resist disease and unfavorable natural climate, increase the growth of plants.

2.Increase fruit-setting-rate, promote fruits’ growth and colouring, help fruit accumulate its sugar and improve crops’ quality.

3.Promote the absorption of metal, prevent yellow colouring and falling of leaves.

4.Promote concentration of chlorophyll and anthocyanin in plants.

5.Reinforce photosynthesis, protein synthesis and nitrogen fixation of plants.

Application method:

Foliar Spray: Dilute with water by 800-1000 times and spray on the leaves. Usually 1-2KG is used per acre.

Drip Irrigation: Dilute with water by 200-300 times and irrigate the plants. Usually 3-5KG is used per acre.

Seed Soaking: Dilute with water by 600-800 times and soak the seeds. Soak the seeds for 12-48 hours.


1. Hot days or rainy days is not suitable for spraying. Spraying before 10 am or after 4 pm are the best time period for plants’ absorption. Respraying is needed if rain comes in 3 hours.

2. The intervals of using this fertilizer should be more than 7 days. 

3. It can be used mixing with pesticide.


500g/1KG/5KG/10KG/20KG/25KG Bag and so on

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