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Biological Source Fulvic acid Powder

Product Information:

Biochemical fulvic acid, also known as fulvic acid, is extracted from plants bodies, weathered coal, peat, etc, using special bacteria 

biological fermentation and chemical treament technology. It is a kind of short carbon chain molecular material extracted from natural 

plants, with high loading capacity and physiological activity. Fulvic acid contains small molecule aromatic carboxylic acid chemical compounds,

 its main components containing fulvic acid, amino acid, trace element, etc. It also contains biological active substances and plant endogenous 

hormone including nucleic acid, salicylic acid, carbohydrates, indole acids, collagen, etc. 

It can be used as the raw material for the production of leaf fertilizer, micro-fertilizer,  root fertilizer, compound fertilizer, bio-bacterial fertilizer,

 water culture liquid and other fertilizers.

Physical and Chemical Property: 

Its appearance is brown yellow powder. It is instantly dissolved in water. Water Solubility: 100%. PH: 5.0-7.0.

Main Ingredient:

Fulvic Acid (dry basis)≥90%, Amino Acid≥5%, Potassium≥10%,PH: 5-7, Gibberellin: Suitable, Moisture≤2%, 

Water Solubility:100%

Product Feature: 

(1) Fulvic Acid is a kind of plant growth regulator. It can promote plant growth and improve absorption of of 


(2) Fulvic Acid has important function in plants drought resisting. It can improve plants’ anti-adversity ability, 

increase production and improve plants’quality.

(3) Fulvic Acid can prevent and cure plants disease and strengthen flood-resisting ability.

(4) Fulvic Acid can be used for chelate macro elements and micro elements, make them to be better used by plants.

(5) Fulvic Acid can speed up precipitation and decomposition, improve soil structure.


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