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Humic Acid Granular Fertilizer

Product Information:

 Hibong Humic Acid Granular fertilizer contains at most 70% humic acid from leonardite, it is a slow-released organic fertilizer and it can provide humic acid and multi mineral elements.


Physical and Chemical Properties: 

 Its appearance is black or brown granular. PH: 4.0-6.0; Particle Size: 2mm-4mm Main Ingredient: Humic Acid: 50%,Organic Matter: 70%, PH: 5-6, Moisture: 15-20% 


(1) Promote effective utilization of fertilizers in soil. It also can promote the absorption of N, P, K and trace element in plants. 

(2) Improve soil structure, improve water storage capacity, anti-hard-water ability and air permeability of soil, increase the amount of organic matters in soil. 

(3) Stimulate activities of soil microorganism, reduce pollutants in the soil, adjust the PH value of soil and decrease the damages caused by acid or alkaline. 

 Application Methods: 

  1. Soil application:  Used as base fertilizer before seedling or planting. It also can be used to improve the following soil:
    (1)Alkaline soil with low iron content
    (2)Sandy soils with low organic (humus) content
    (3)Acid podzol soils with low humus content
    (4)Saline soils
    (5)Lime soils.
    When used during seedling and growth stage, should be used 2-3 times. Also, it is better to be applied with N, P fertilizers for field crop. Dosage: 50-100 kg/Ha

    2.Furrow Application Mainly used for fruit trees. Dig a hole in root part of every tree and bury the fertilizer in the hole. Dosage: 1-2KG per tree.

    3. Seeds soaking: Dilute to 0.01-0.03% and adjust pH to 7.2-7.5. The soaking time varies from 12 hours to 24 hours according to the thickness of seeds skin, hygroscopic capacity of seeds and the surrounding temperature. The suitable temperature for seeds soaking is about 20°C. 


Add it to irrigation water with the ratio of 50-100kg/Ha or with the dilution concentration of 0.01-0.05%. 


5/10/20/25KG Kraft Bag or PP Bag Package.

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