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Indole acetic acid

Product Description:

Indole acetic acid is a hormone reagent used to stimulate plant growth and is widely used in agricultural production. 3-Indoleacetic acid IAA is used as plant growth stimulants and analytical reagents. Indole 3 acetic acid is an endogenous auxin ubiquitous in plants.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is white powder. It can be dissolved instantly in water. 

Water Solubility: 100%.


(1)Promotion of cell division of the meristematic tissue.

(2)Promotion of root formation even on tissues which do normally form roots,but inhibition of growth, except in smallest

concentrations. Iaa hormone price.

(3)Promotion of callus formation and callus.

(4) Inhibition of budding and growth of auxiliary buds and bud formation.

(5) Influencing of leaf, flower and fruit shedding.

(6)Influencing of flower formation

(7)Formation of parthenocarpic fruit (seedless fruit).

(8)Promotion of respiration and protein formation 

Scope of application:

Fruit trees, leafy vegetables, cotton, tobacco, beans, flowers, vegetable crops and other economic crops can be used in all growth stages, but it is more suitable for seedling, rooting and flowering stages.

Application Method:


(1) The flowering fruit was soaked in 3000 mg/L medicine solution at full flowering stage to induce fruit parthenogenesis and fruit set, to form seedless fruit and improve fruit set rate;

(2) Leaching root promote apples, peaches, pears, oranges, grapes, kiwi, strawberry, poinsettia, carnation, chrysanthemum, rose, magnolia, azalea, tea, metasequoia, poplar and other crop roots, inducing the formation of adventitious roots, speed up the vegetative propagation, generally with a 100-1000 mg/L dip cutting base, easy to take root the kinds of using low concentration, For species that do not root easily, use slightly higher concentrations. The soaking time is about 8-24 hours, with high concentration and short soaking time.


Blooming period (under 9 h photoperiod) is sprayed once with 25-400mg/L liquid medicine, which inhibited the appearance of flower buds and delayed flowering.

Packaging : 

Packed in woven bags within 25KG.

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