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Liquid NPK Fertilizer

Product Information:

Liquid NPK water soluble fertilizer is a kind of totally water soluble fertilizer which is made of abundant and nutritional ingredients. 

It is free of chloride, sodium and other unfavorable elements to plants.  Liquid NPK Water Soluble fertilizer is also added certain amount 

alginate which made the product suitable and effective to plants.

Physical and Chemical Property: 

Its appearance is colourful liquid. It is quick release fertilizer. PH: 6-8.


(1)It has high content NPK, abundant trace element and also certain amount alginate. It can be dissolved in water speedly and has high 

fertilizer efficiency.

(2)It has no impurities and no pollution to the environment. It is safe and high efficient to the plants.

(3)It can save water, fertilizer and labour. It can resist disease and increase the yield.

Application Range:

It can be sued in every growing period of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, etc. But it is more appropriate to use in seedling stage and 

vegetative growth stage. It can provide abundant nutrient to plants.


100ml/250ml/500ml/1L/5l/20L/200L/1000L Barrel and so on

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