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Product Description:

NAA is a broad-spectrum rooting auxin plant growth hormones, which can enter the plant body through plant leaves and reach vigorous growth parts together with the nutritions conduction. NAA can promote root differentiation and form-ation, accelerate roots trans-plantings and cuttings, induce flowering, acce-lerate chlorophyll synthesis, reduce fruit dropping, improve crop maturity, and increase crop yields.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is white powder. It can be dissolved instantly in water. 

Water Solubility: 100%.

Efficacy and Application method:

(1) Prevent from abscission of flowers and pods on bean; Prevent flower dropping on capsicum

1) As for Bean, during the flower and pod stage, use 5~25 mg/kg NAA solution for spray, which can effectively reduce the abscission of flowers and pods.

2) As for Capsicum, during the flowering stage, use 50 mg/kg, spray 4~5 times every 7~10 days, which can obviously increase fruit set, promote fruit growth.

(2) Prevent radish become hollow

25~30 days and 35~40 days after radish seeding, spray 10 mg/kg NAA, which can prevent hollowing during growth; spray 10 days before harvest, which can prevent hollowing during storage.

(3) Contribute to cutting reproduction on vegetables

1) Cut the lateral bine from the cucumber that has grown in the open air, 2~3 joints every section, a quick soak in the 500 dilution solution, it will form root after sticking 11 days, the survival rate can reach 85%.

2) Cut the keel with one axillary bud of leaf base on cabbage and cauliflower, a quick soak in 500~1000 dilution solution (Do not soak the bud), sticking under the condition: Temperature(20℃~25℃), Humidity(85%~95%), the rooting survival rate can reach 85~95%.

Scope of application:

Grain and oil crops: Soybean, rape, wheat, corn, sesame, cotton, rapeseed, and etc.

Fruits: Citrus, apple, strawberry, melon, grape, cherry, and etc.

Tuber crops: Peanut, potato, garlic, cassava and etc.

Vegetables: Tomato, chili pepper, melons, cucumber, eggplant, tea, tobacco, and etc.  

Packaging : 

NAA Normal Packing: 1KG/Al.Bag, 25KG/Drum

We also support custom-made packaging according to your requirements.

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