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NPK 30-10-10 Water Soluble Powder Fertilizer

Product Information:

The product has scientific and reasonable formula, it can meet the nutrient demand of plants in different grow period. It can make sure the plants form every organs, accumulate and transform the nutrient and energy. This product can improve product quality and increase yield.

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Its appearance is blue powder. It can be dissolved in water speedly. Water

Solubility: 100%

Main Ingredient:

N-P-K: 10-10-30, Nitrate Nitrogen≥6%, Fe: 0.1%, Zinc: 0.05%, Mn: 0.05%, Mo: 0.01%, 

B: 0.05%, TE: 0.25-1.0%.


(1)It has high content NPK and abundant nutrient. It can be dissolved in water speedly and has high fertilizer efficiency.

(2)It has NPK and all kinds of trace element.

(3)It has no impurities and no pollution to the environment. It is safe and high efficient to the plants.

(4)It can save water, fertilizer and labour. It can resist disease and increase the yield.

Application Range:

It can be sued in every growing period of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, etc. But it is more appropriate to use in seedling stage and vegetative growth stage. It can provide abundant nutrient to plants.

Application Method:

(1)Foliar Spray: Dilute with 1000-1500 time water and spray on the leaves.

(2)Water flushing irrigation: Dilute with 500-1500 time water and irrigate every 10-15 days. Use 60-90KG per Hectare.

(3)Drip Irrigation: Dilute with 1000-2000 time water and irrigate every 7-10 days. Use 45-75KG per Hectare.

(4)It is suitable for sprinkling irrigation, foliar spray, root irrigation and hole application. Please don’t use it together with strong basicity pesticide. If used for foliar spray, it is better to do it after 4 O’clock PM. If it rains within 6 hours after foliar spray, please spray it again.


Please regulate the dosage, dilution percentage and application times according to seasons and plant growing situations.

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