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Paclobutrazol 95% TC


Plant Growth Regulator Cultar Paclobutrazol 90%TC 95%TC Powder for Mango

plant growth retardant paclobutrazo, inhibit gibberellin biosynthesis,shorten stalks of crops, then lodging-resistance. Mainly used on mango, low cost but high effect.

CAS NO: 76738-62-0

Chemical Name: 



95%TC 90%TC 35%SC 25%SC, 30%WP and 15%WP for sale

Product Description:

Paclobutrazol is a plant growth retardant. It acts by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, reducing internodial growth to give stouter stems, increasing root growth, causing early fruitset and increasing seedset in plants such as tomato and pepper. Paclobutrazol has also been shown to reduce frostsensitivity in plants.

★ Paclobutrazol is also used to reduce shoot growth and has been shown to have additional positive effects on trees and shrubs. Among those are improved resistance to drought stress, darker green leaves, higher resistance against fungi and bacteria, and enhanced development of roots.


Shorten stalks of crops, then lodging-resistance

★ Inhibits the stem growth and breaks the apical dominance(inhibit the generation of Gibberellic acid);

★ Inhibits the intermode elongation, resists to lodging;

★ Improves the abilities of stress tolerance

★ Promotes the lateral bud growth

★ Enhances or inhibits the photosynthesis, depends on the concentration

★ Improves the respiration intensity of root, slows down the respiration of aboveground parts of crops.


Wheat / Paddy / Orange / Rape / Apple tree / Grape / Peach tree / Cherry tree / Lychee / Chestnut / Water melon / Tomato / Eggplant / Potatoes / Radish / Peanuts / Soybeans / flowers

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Molecular Formula: 


Molecular Weight:


Melting Point: 



white crystal, can dissolve in polarity organic solvent easily, such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc, can not dissolve in water.

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