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sodium nitrophenolate

Product Description:

The Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate consists of Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate , Sodium O-Nitrophenolate and Sodium P- Nitrophenolate . Can dissolve in water easily, and can dissolve in polarity organic solvent such as ethanol and acetone etc. It’s stable in room temperature. Have phenols smell.

sodium nitrophenolate is a strong cell agent,it can infiltrate rapidly into plant body, promote flow of cellular protoplasm and increase cell can accelerate growth speed,break dormancy, promote the growth and development,prevent the fallen petal, improve product quality and yield,increase the ability of resist-disease, resist-pests, resist-dry, resist-drought, resist-alkali ,resist-lodging.It is widely used in food crop,cash crop,vegetables, fruits,oil crops and flowers.


Content of Sodium para-nitrophenolate, %0.7±0.10
Content of Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, %0.3±0.04
Content of Potassium ortho-nitrophenolate, %0.4±0.06
Ph value5-7
water insoluble≤0.5%
dilution stability(20 times)qualified
low temperature stabilityqualified
Heat storage stabilityqualified

Physical and Chemical Properties: 

Appearance Look for red acicular crystal, soluble in water.

Other Names: Atonik

CAS No.: 67233-85-6, 824-39-5, 824-78-2


Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate 98%TC 1.4%SL

(Sodium Para-Nitrophenolate 0.71% +Sodium 5-Nitroguaiacolate 0.23% + Potassium Ortho-Nitrophenolate 0.46% SL)

Scope of application:

Compound Sodium Nitrophenolate is a kind of plant growth regulator,it can increase production, mainly for seed presoaking, such as rice, barley, wheat, beans, melons, peanuts, cabbage and other crops . It can improve their germination rate.It can also be used for prevent flowering and fruiting persimmon and other fruit trees. In the fertilization and fungicides , it can be potentiating agent.It can be also used for fowl and other aquatic products, and it can promote them growth and increase productivity.

Efficacy :

sodium nitrophenolate use at any time from sowing to harvest time and increase yield. It can be used in foliage spray, seed soaking, irrigation, and flower spread. Because of its advantages such as high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue and no side effect, wide application dosage scope,it has been widely used in many countries and areas in the world.

sodium nitrophenolate also use in husbandary and fishery to increase output and quality of meat,eggs and furs meanwhile to enhance immunity of animals and prevent many diseases. 

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